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Constituent institutions
http://www.idibaps.org (IDIBAPS)

http://www.ciberdem.org (CIBERDEM)


http://www.ub.edu (University of Barcelona)


http://www.hospitalclinic.org (Hospital Clínic de Barcelona)

Research institutes, scientific societies, patient information & others

http://www.isciii.es (Carlos III Health Institute)
http://www.nih.gov(National Institutes of Health, USA)
http://www2.niddk.nih.gov (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, USA)
http://www.forumclinic.org (forumclínic)
http://www.diabetesalacarta.org (Diabetes À La Carte)
http://www.idf.org (International Diabetes Federation)
http://www.easd.org (European Association for the Study of Diabetes)
http://www.sediabetes.org (Spanish Diabetes Society)
http://www.acdiabetis.org (Catalan Diabetes Association)
http://www.seen.es (Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition)
http://www.seedo.es (Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity)
http://www.diabetes.org (American Diabetes Association)
http://www.adc.cat (Catalan Diabetic Association)
http://www.joslin.org (Joslin Diabetes Center)
http://www.jdrf.org (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)
http://www.betacell.org (Beta Cell Biology Consortium)