Pilchardus Study


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Lines of research

The main line of research of our team is centered on the study of the genetic, metabolic and molecular defects involved in the development of diabetes mellitus and obesity. In order to carry this out, the group pursues the following related lines of research:

  • Metabolic and molecular defects found in pancreatic islets in diabetes.
  • Plasticity and function of the pancreatic islet in diabetes. Strategy design for its substitution and regeneration.
  • Crosstalk between beta cells and other tissues.
  • Transcriptional regulation of the embryonic development of the pancreas.
  • Molecular mechanisms of signalling in obesity.
  • Impact of lifestyle on the development of diabetes and obesity.

Areas of expertise

As demonstrated in the protocols implemented, our team has developed technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Isolation of human, rat and mouse pancreatic islets, including functional and morphometric analyses.
  • Establishment of stable cellular lines.
  • Adenoviral and Lentiviral infection of pancreatic islets and cellular lines.
  • Mitochondrial respiration and activity of pancreatic islets and cell lines.
  • Genomic and epigenetic analysis, involving microRNA analysis and genome-wide maps of transcription factor binding and histone marks to study transcriptional regulatory networks.
  • Functional studies in animals and humans, including clamp techniques, and exercise tests and indirect calorimetry for the study of metabolic consumption rate.
  • Animal models of diabetes and obesity available, including diet-induced obese rodents and transgenic mice.